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Battery Recycling

Redefining Battery Recycling for a Greener Tomorrow

In a world powered by batteries, addressing the disposal and recycling of these essential energy cells is crucial for environmental sustainability. 

While Australia excels in recycling lead-acid batteries, there is always room for improvement and innovation.


Battery Recycling & Resource Recovery

The Challenge: Promoting Maximum Resource Recover

Lead-acid batteries are widely used in automotive and industrial sectors, emphasising the importance of efficient recycling to reduce environmental impact. 

While Australia boasts a strong lead-acid battery recycling rate, Pure Environmental is dedicated to advancing these efforts further.


Key statistics concerning lead-acid battery waste include:

  • Australia recycled 98% of lead-acid battery waste in 2021, showcasing significant resource recovery potential.
  • Proper recycling can reclaim nearly all components of lead-acid batteries, such as lead, plastic, and acid, for reuse in various products.
  • Improper battery disposal can lead to environmental contamination, underscoring the necessity of robust recycling initiatives.

Our Response: Prioritising Sustainable Recycling

At Pure Environmental, we prioritise sustainable lead-acid battery recycling to recover valuable resources and contribute to the circular economy. 

Our recycling process involves reprocessing lead and plastic components into ingots and repurposed products like rubbish bins and plant pots, reducing waste and conserving natural resources.


Our Recycling Process & Technology

Our efficient and scalable recycling system ensures stable operation and adaptability. With a focus on achieving a landfill diversion rate over 90%, our battery sorting enhances the recycling process for various consumer products like motor vehicles and energy storage systems.


The Persisting Role of Lead-Acid Batteries

Contrary to some views, lead-acid batteries remain vital, powering vehicles to large power systems. Their affordability, durability, and performance metrics solidify their position in the energy domain.

Pure Environmental is dedicated to developing innovative techniques for managing these integral batteries crucial to modern life.