Hazardous &
Regulated Waste

Hazardous & Regulated Waste

At Pure Environmental, under our division, we focus on the sustainable management and disposal of regulated and specialised hazardous wastes.

Our division is dedicated to the sustainable management and disposal of regulated and specialised hazardous waste. With a strong focus on maximising resource recovery and reducing landfill waste, our extensive expertise is well-established.


Liquid & Hazardous Waste

Customised services for materials needing unique treatments to ensure proper disposal and lessen environmental impact.


Waste Oil & Oily Waters

Expert handling of waste oil and oily waters from industries like manufacturing and petroleum, ensuring safe disposal and resource recovery.


Hydrocarbon Liquids & Sludges

Advanced treatment of hazardous hydrocarbon liquids and sludges from industries like oil extraction, with a focus on valuable component recovery and sustainable practices.


Industrial Wash Waters

Efficient treatment of industrial wash waters with contaminants like oils and metals, prioritising water recovery and responsible waste management.


Bulk Hazardous Waste

Skillful management of bulk hazardous waste, including toxic chemicals and radioactive materials, with an emphasis on resource recovery and recycling.


Contaminated Drilling Muds & Fluids

Specialised treatment for drilling muds and fluids contaminated with oil and chemicals, promoting environmental sustainability through material recovery and reuse.


PFAS Liquids & Sludges

Expert handling and treatment of chemical substances with hazardous properties, ensuring responsible management and risk minimisation.


Specialised Waste Management

Proficiency in managing hazardous remediation projects with a safety and resource recovery focus.

Industrial Services

– Tank and vessel cleaning and maintenance
– Septic tank and grease trap services
– Dry ice blasting for efficient cleaning
– Drain cleaning to prevent blockages
– Hot and cold pressure cleaning methods
– Vacuum loading trucks for complex task


Expert Management for Hazardous Material Handling

Our core services in this area encompass project management and coordination.

Our industrial services prioritise quality, reliability, and sustainability, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses throughout Australia.