Chemical Waste

Packaged Chemical Waste

Packaged chemical waste encompasses substances in various packaging like drums, cans, or bottles. These range from laboratory chemicals to reagents, many potentially harmful if mishandled.

At Pure Environmental, we excel in identifying, transporting, and disposing of a diverse range of packaged chemical wastes. Our team continuously enhances treatment technologies to focus on resource recovery from hazardous wastes.


Solvents (Chlorinated & Non-Chlorinated)

Solvents, whether chlorinated or non-chlorinated, are widely used in industries like cleaning, manufacturing, and automotive. To manage these solvents safely, we provide expert collection and disposal services. 

Our chemists and environmental scientists categorise and handle solvents diligently, maximising resource recovery for a sustainable circular economy.


Paints: Oil & Water-Based

Oil and water-based paints, common in industries and
households, contain chemicals that can harm the environment and human health.

Our specialised service ensures safe collection, treatment, and disposal of these paints. By utilising appropriate technologies, we aim to recover resources efficiently and reduce environmental impact.


Product Destruction

Paint tins

Pure Environmental has the capability to manage and coordinate projects for the secure destruction of materials such as expired foods, chemicals, and cosmetics. Through our extensive network of specialists, we ensure that these materials are safely and effectively destroyed.

We support initiatives to reprocess recyclable packaging and waste-to-energy solutions. When waste isn’t recoverable, we ensure responsible disposal following regulations.


Sustainable Waste Management by Pure Environmental

Our goal is sustainable outcomes 

Our focus is on sustainable outcomes through material recovery and recycling, minimising environmental impact. We handle all paperwork, including waste tracking, to ensure a seamless and compliant process.