Introduction to Pure Environmental

Pure Environmental is a wholly Australian-owned company founded with the mission to transform the circular economy through advanced resource recovery. We believe in pushing boundaries and challenging norms in waste management, providing exceptional, innovative, and sustainable solutions.


Our Vision & Mission

At Pure Environmental, we aspire to create a world where the circular economy is the standard, not the exception. We aim to spearhead this transformation by revolutionising how waste is managed and perceived, harnessing the potential of recyclable resources to benefit our clients, community, and the environment.

We are dedicated to becoming Australia’s premier specialised resource recovery organisation, driven by our steadfast commitment to investing in our people and cutting-edge technologies.


Our Journey

Pure Environmental was founded in May 2021, driven by an ambitious aim to transform the circular economy.

July 2021

We acquired WestRex, a leader in hazardous waste management.

February 2022

We expanded our reach into energy resource recovery through the acquisition of Nexus in Western Australia.

MAY 2022

We established our organics recycling division within WestRex Organics Recycling.

JULY 2022

We commissioned an oily water processing facility in Narangba QLD under the Westrex brand.


Expansion into Western Australia with the acquisition of RMD and Haz Solutions.

This series of calculated steps has placed us firmly on the path to transforming the specialised waste market.

Global Waste Trends & Sustainability

The global waste management market is rapidly growing, driven by population increase and stringent governmental regulations.

The world is moving away from linear economic systems and towards circular models that promote ecological sustainability. We align ourselves with these evolving trends, committed to meeting and exceeding community expectations of responsible waste management and protection of human health and the environment.

Our Services & Capabilities

At Pure Environmental, we stand at the forefront as a premier specialist in resource recovery and management.


Hazardous & Regulated Waste

We handle various hazardous waste types, offering safe and compliant disposal. Our expertise covers waste oil, oily waters, drilling muds, and PFAS liquid treatments.

Packaged Chemical Waste

We expertly treat diverse packaged chemicals, including paints, ensuring their safe destruction and meticulous disposal with precision and care.

Energy Resource Recovery & Re-Use

Pure views waste as an asset. Beyond disposal, we innovatively recycle and refine, reintroducing resources to the economy, notably used lead acid battery recycling.


We transform organic waste into useful products, cutting down waste volume and presenting a sustainable approach to managing food and liquid organic waste.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are diverse, catering to a wide spectrum of waste management needs:

Hazardous & Regulated Waste icon

Regulated & Specialised
Hazardous Waste

Treatment of liquid and hazardous wastes, industrial wash waters, bulk hazardous wastes, contaminated drilling muds, fluids, and PFAS liquids and sludges.

Packaged Chemical Waste

Management of solvents (chlorinated and non-chlorinated), paints (oil and water-based), and product destruction.


Recycling and recovery of batteries, including Lead Acid battery types.


Processing of food waste, liquid organic waste, and production of compost.


Serving Diverse Markets

We extend our services to various markets, including Commercial & Industrial, Infrastructure, Municipal, Resources, Marine, Agriculture, Defence, Manufacturing, and the Waste Industry.

Join our movement towards transforming the circular economy. With collective efforts, a sustainable future is within reach.