Organics Recycling


Organic waste comprises a significant portion of the waste stream, and its mismanagement contributes to various environmental issues, including greenhouse gas emissions.

At Pure Environmental, we address this challenge through our licensed Organic Recycling Facility. Our experienced team adeptly processes various compostable materials, creating beneficial products such as Australian standard-certified compost and premium soils.


Our Organics Recycling Capabilities

We handle diverse waste streams, including:

– Abattoir effluent, animal manure, and general waste
– Chicken, grain, and food processing waste
– Grease trap waste and washwater
– Fruit, vegetable, and food waste
– Molasses and fertiliser waste


Excellence in Organics Recycling

At our Leyburn facility, we prioritise reliability, efficiency, and compliance. Services include quick responses to inquiries, fast turn-around times, quality wash-out facilities, and rigorous material assessment for premium compost and soil production.


Compost & Climate Change Mitigation

Our organic recycling efforts align with the Carbon Farming Initiative, aiding in emissions reduction. Compost plays a vital role in preventing waste from landfills, reducing methane emissions, and improving soil health for climate change mitigation.


Benefits of Our Quality Compost

Quality Assurance:

– Batch certified to Australian Standard AS4454

– Rich in organic matter and nutrients

– Consistently screened for optimal texture

– Weed and disease-free

Suitable applications include:

– Agriculture

– Broad acre cropping

– Urban landscaping

– Parks and gardens

– Rehabilitation & revegetation projects

– Home gardens


Pure NV Compost

Why Choose Pure NV Compost?

Our recycled organic products improve water efficiency in landscaping by preventing evaporation and enhancing soil structure. Using these products promotes sustainable practices and addresses climate challenges effectively.


Enhancing Landscaping Sustainability

Sustainable Solutions for Modern Landscaping

Our recycled organic products enhance landscaping by improving water efficiency. Compost prevents evaporation and improves soil structure. Using these products as replacement soil promotes sustainable practices and combats climate challenges.

The Cycle of Organic Recycling

Our organics recycling process follows a robust cycle:

Collection: We accept a variety of organic waste streams from diverse sources, such as abattoirs, farms, food processing facilities, and others.
Processing: The collected organic waste is processed at our Leyburn facility, undergoing a rigorous treatment process to transform it into high-quality compost and soil products.
Use: The resultant compost and soils are then used in agricultural and horticultural activities, thereby reintroducing organic matter back into the soil.

This process not only recycles organic waste but also contributes significantly to soil health, fertility, and sustainability, ultimately supporting robust, healthy plant growth.

By partnering with WestRex, you are not only addressing your organic waste management needs but also contributing to environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation, and soil health enhancement.

Our recycling process and the resulting products help promote sustainable land management practices, contribute to water efficiency, and make landscaping low maintenance.