About us


Pure Environmental Pty Ltd (“Pure”) is a wholly Australian-owned company founded with the sole purpose of transforming Australia’s hazardous waste industry. Formed in 2021, Pure has begun on a path bringing together like-minded and highly respected businesses to service the fast growing and attractive hazardous waste market. Its foundation investment was in WestRex Services (“WestRex”), arguably Queensland’s leading hazardous waste management company.

With its extensive industry experience, expertise and independent standing, Pure aims to expand its scale following the WestRex acquisition to provide a credible, independent alternative to the hazardous waste industry.

Pure’s vision is to develop a hazardous waste business like no other – one that is customer focused, nimble, diversified, innovative and most importantly a great place to work. Pure’s people are waste management leaders and experts who are known, and trusted across the industry. Its solutions are delivered in a sound, safe and environmentally friendly manner. Pure has the financial resources and scale to support customers wherever they may be – transforming hazardous waste.

Class-Leading Technologies

We have invested in class-leading technologies at our facilities.

World-Class Facilties

Operating established facilities in Australia.

Sustainable Solutions

We offer sustainable hazardous waste, site remediation and resource recovery solutions.